Seven Snakes

Some mercenaries are attracted to the life for the money, some for the glory. Then there are mercs of the Seven Snakes.

Founded in 2998 by Hermes Coran the Seven Snakes are a small but versatile merc battalion based on the world of Regulus in the Principality of Regulus, one of the member states of the Free Worlds League.

The Seven Snakes are known for their unusual battalion structure and contracts. They specialize in everything from warfare to espionage and special operations.



The Seven Snakes can trace their roots to the history and traditions of the Coran family and the effect it had on the Seven Snakes’ founder Hermes Coran. The Coran family is a noble family that can trace its lineage to Mediterranean region of ancient Earth. The family has a strong military tradition, All children are expected to enter into military academies and to join the armed forces. Whereas most noble families have hereditary titles pass to an eldest child the Coran family passes the title and lands to the surviving potential heir with the most military decorations and accomplishments. Due to this it is common to see multiple members of the Coran family a part of the military high command of the Principality of Regulus.


Hermes Coran, like his siblings started life with plans to join the military and to compete for the title of his house. He, however, found military academy and the life as an officer not to his taste however. The military was becoming stale in its approach to combat and artificially decorated in ways that resembled the militaries of 19th century Europe.

Looking for a way to showcase his vision of combat and military structure, Coran decided to resign his military commission and form a new organization, the Seven Snakes.

The initial organization was small, barely enough people to make up a lance but Coran was able to quickly recruit promising personnel quickly. The trick was that he was less focused on familial, or even territorial, loyalties and more focused skill sets and reliability. This created a group of highly qualified professionals able to adapt to any mission that held no loyalties to any one faction of the Inner Sphere.


With what would become the command core of the organization in place the Seven Snakes began spreading their name through a willingness to take and successfully complete difficult missions. The key to their success was simple; every personnel, regardless of main position had other qualities, training, and skills that allowed them to be flexible on any mission. Mission teams were formed based on what personnel were best fit for the mission, not where they sat in the organization.

With success came greater expansion and a need to expand the Seven Snakes. Coran, seeing this and the challenges that would be presented by keeping org structure as muddled as it currently was, decided to form the command team together into the company known as the Medusa. He then formed three additional companies. The first, the Ibis, would be the aerospace wing of the organization. The second, the Hussars, would be vehicular cavalry. The last would be the Dragoons, the Mech company of the organization (though Medusa would have a share of Mechs as well).

Present Day

Since the formations of the companies the Seven Snakes have been seen the military structure needed to continue growing at a brisk space. While the Medusa company is naturally small the other three have grown. The Ibis is now in charge of not just the aerospace fighters but all dropships as well. The Hussars now consist of 6 lances that range from light cavalry to heavy artillery. Last, the Dragoons, now consist of 5 lances with another currently being formed.

Seven Snakes

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